Levi -

Levi was rushed to AEC after his owner discovered he had eaten some rat bait at home. Given that he had eaten it recently, we were able to induce vomiting which produced some spectacularly coloured results. This amount of rat bait ingested would certainly be fatal if left untreated, so Levi is lucky to have such quick-thinking owners. 

Rat bait causes the inability of blood to clot and can take up to 48hrs to have an effect. Animals that have ingested rat bait will not have any obvious symptoms until their clotting ability is impaired and will become critical very quickly with internal bleeding. It is imperative that any animal that has ingested rat bait is brought into an emergency vet immediately for treatment, even if there are no symptoms. 

After Levi vomited up the rat bait, he was given charcoal to soak up any residual toxin that remained. As he was so perfectly behaved he is our patient of the week, and we expect him to make a full recovery.

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