Bellatrix Daines

My name is Bellatrix. I’m a 4-year-old tortoiseshell cat. I started out as a foster cat when someone found me in a bin behind a McDonalds. Luckily, my foster mum is a vet nurse and knew just how to look after me. Now she’s my forever mum! Her favourite memory of me is bottle-feeding me when I was one or two weeks old. My best friend, besides mum, is Beans the ginger cat. Beans grooms my long hair but when I get too matted mum gives me a lion cut. I spend my days inside the cat scratcher house, curled up next to mum in bed, or trying to get belly scratches. I made my TV debut last year on the Today Tonight show to raise awareness of the need for feline blood donors. Mum loves how placid I am and loves the little chirps I make when she pats me!


Chloe Mack

My name is Chloe. I’m a 3-year-old kitty cat with a fascination for batting small random objects across the floor and chasing them! In my younger days, my dad was amazed by my ability to quickly scale a wall/fence/tree/roof. Now I’m used to the secure, indoors lifestyle. I’m happy to sit by the front screen door and listen to the world outside while soaking up the sunshine. My best friends are Sparkles and Rani. Dad says I have a calm and friendly disposition and that when I donate blood I’m helping someone whose much loved pet is in trouble.


Rose Daines

My name is Rose. I’m a 6-year-old brown tabby cat. Mum got me from Cat Haven and said I was an adorable fluff-ball of a kitten. I like to keep things interesting, so often I am escaping out of the bedroom or wandering into the kitchen where the dog chases me and drools on me until I get rescued by mum. I don’t care much for cat toys, but I LOVE the crunchiness of plastic bags. Mum hides them from me when I try to eat them. I spend my days out in the cat run, under the bed (on hot days) or sitting in the washing basket when mum’s trying to do laundry. Along with Bellatrix, I also made my TV debut on the Today Tonight show to let people know more about feline blood donations!